Using action sports as a catalyst.



Using action sports as a catalyst.


About Us

The traveller Foundation aim to uplift and develop lives through enrichment and education using extreme/action sports as a catalyst.

The traveller Foundation was founded in 2019.
The fruits of a visioning exercise. Where the partners of Steinworks.co.za envisioned giving back. And to contribute to economic and social upliftment.

In 2019, with gang violence reaching an all-time high in various areas in Cape Town, it was again realised that something needs to be one. We believe that good organisations is build by good people.

Meet the Team


I am Cape Town born with a love for the outdoors and development of communities. I am a sponsored Stand up paddler and sweat 1000 trainer. As I study Biodiversity and conservation biology and ambassador for a multiple companies and a Non Profit organisation (ISeeU).

Louis (the glue )

Louis du Plessis is an entrepeneur and family man. Combining his social and economic upliftment goals with 

Keeping his 3 boys occupied through sports led to the creation of Dutchangle.co.za and the traveller foundation

Sanchia (Social)

Sanchia Nienaber is a social media manager. She runs our social platforms and brainstorms new marketing campaigns. She is a bubbly, well organized and creative individual who is goal driven..

David ( The brawn )

David Boyter is a action sports professional, ambassador liaison, and events coordinator. He is known for his approachable outgoing passionate nature. He is an allways giving, nature loving mouth full of teeth.

Bikes Donated

Skateboards Donated

Bicycles Donated

The world was changed by people who felt and were emotionally involved

-Robin Sharma-

Our Vision

Economic and social upliftment for all. Starting with those closest to us and that needs it most. In 2019, with gang violence reaching an all-time high in various areas in Cape Town, it was decided to again, unite and empower individuals using Sport. This time through Skateboarding and other sports such as surfing, sailing, Stand up paddling. The rebirth of this organisation now allows us as a team to provide aid and use our skills to ensure we improve lives and develop our community with the tools we have.

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Capetown South Africa